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Mocha Marble Hall Table

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The Mocha Marble Hall Table is 110cm in length and 40cm wide. This marble hall table includes massive savings, and is delivered to your home free of charge.

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Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 110 x 40 x 80 cm

Mocha Marble Hall Table

The Mocha Marble Hall Table is 110cm in length, 40cm wide and 80cm high. The Mocha Hall Table is constructed from a marble effect material. This Mocha Hall Table has a V shaped base.

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All of our occasional furniture is delivered to your home by our delivery team within 5 working days free of charge. The Mocha Marble Hall Table is sure to complement your current décor. Whether you live in the country or the city our marble dining furniture has a modern feel with a classic twist.

All of our dining table are delivered to your home by our ‘White Glove’ delivery team within 3 weeks free of charge. Our white glove delivery team install and remove all of the packaging in an eco friendly way and ensure that your goods are ready for use.

With all of our products we offer a 7 day money back guarantee and a year’s warranty. If for any reason you are not happy with your order, we can collect the goods for you and refund you the full amount .

Our marble effect Hall Tables give you better quality than natural marble itself. With all of our tables you can expect a scratch resistant high gloss finish. It is heat resistant up to 80 degrees and UV protected so that it does not fade in sun light. Our composite material is made not to crack and to be a treasured focal point for many years. This set is sure to bring endless amounts of luxury and add character to your home.

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Product Sizes

Length 110cm Width 40cm Height 80cm

All sizes are in Centimeters (cm)

Weight 48KG

Click here for more information about Engineered Marble.

The Mocha Marble Hall Table is 110cm in length, 40cm wide and 80cm high. The Mocha Hall Table is constructed from a marble effect material.
Brand: Mocha
Model: Mocha Marble Hall Table
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Free Delivery In 3 Weeks To Your Door

All of our furniture products at Savoy Marble include free standard delivery toUK mainland addresses (Excluding The Scottish HighlandsIrelandNorthern Ireland andUK off-shore locations).

Our dining set ranges are provided on a ‘White Glove’ delivery service, meaning that we assembleand build the set within the room of your choice, and remove and dispose of all packaging.

About Back Orders

Sometimes you will see that a product is marked as “Back Order” or “Out of Stock“, this effectively means that the item has sold out and that we are waiting for new stocking arrive.

Normally this means that there is a waiting time of no longer than 10 weeks (Still just as quick as many of the major High Street Retailers), so our advice is to proceed with the order and then to check with our customer service team on 0843 289 4035 for a more accurate delivery time.

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Engineered Marble – How It’s Made

At Savoy Marble we leave nothing to chance with our Engineered Marble Products, ensuring that they are more durable than any other alternative marble furniture manufacturer, whilst at the same time keeping all the appeal and beauty of a natural marble finish.

Here’s a quick run through of how our Engineered Marble Furniture Products are made.

Engineered Marble

1. High Gloss Protection Layer

The high gloss protection layer ensures that our marble furniture products are:

  • Resistant to stains from food and wines.
  • Scratch resistant, helping to protect your surface from cutlery, glass and plate scratches.
  • UV light resistant, ensuring a consistent colour at all times even in strong light areas such as conservatories.
  • Heat resistant, we test the surface layer for heat protection at 80 degrees.

2. Pattern & Pigmentation Layer

Using pattern and pigmentation technologies created for the Kitchen worktop industry, we use the latest polymers and resins to create natural marble colours and patterns that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

3. Crack Resistant Core

Our crack resistant core ensures that your marble furniture is resistant to cracking and high impacts. Unlikely you may think? But our experience has shown that alternative manufacturers who do not employ a crack resistant core and cast the table top in one single piece often experience critical failures within the table top.

These can be caused by invisible and internal cracks that develop within the marble top due to impacts received during transportation and installation. Often these cracks can only be detected under X-Ray scanning, and then only reveal themselves when the table is outside of it’s warranty. Our crack resistant core ensures that this problem doesn’t happen, leaving you to enjoy your marble furniture product, hassle free for many years to come.

4. Rigid Fixing System

Many alternative marble furniture product manufacturers do not directly fix the marble top to the base, instead they rely on the fact that the weight of the top will hold it securely in place. At Savoy Marble, our marble table tops are fixed directly to the base via a fixing plate and by four secure rigid fixings (Which can undone by the customer). This means that the top is securely fixed to the base.

This prohibits any slight movement between the table top and the base, thus preventing the development of cracks and stops “tip over” which can sometimes happen with alternative tables. “Tip over” can occur when a person stands on one end of the table (For instance to change a light bulb) and a sea-saw effect happens, tipping the table top from it’s base, causing personal injury and product damage.

5. Durable Weight Saving Base

Our attention to detail even applies to our base designs, with weight saving being a major priority. Our best selling Tenore and Mocha marble collections have a classic “V” shaped base design to ensure maximum style for minimum weight.

Weight is an important consideration with regards to the selection of your marble furniture. Although all of our marble tables are fully installed by our expert delivery team, there may be a point in the future at which you wish to change your room layout or indeed move house.

At Savoy Marble we take this issue seriously, that’s why we reduce our product weights by effective and practical design techniques, meaning that your table can be moved in the future in a two person operation, simple and easy!

More About Our Engineered Marble Furniture Products

At Savoy Marble our marble furniture products are made from ‘Engineered Marble‘ which is a composite material that replicates all of the beauty and cosmetic benefits of natural marble, but retains all of the key strengths required for furniture in home environments.

Natural marble can be prone to cracking and colour fading, our engineered marble products use the latest composite materials and resins to reproduce the weight, look and feel of natural marble, whilst avoiding any of the disadvantages of natural marble.

In the same way that the majority of stone, granite and marble kitchen worktops are now made from engineered composites, our range of engineered marble products is designed for practical everyday living, resisting cracking, fading and everyday living.

We Believe In Our Product So Much We Offer A Full Money Back Guarantee!